Day 30: 31 Days of Life in the StepMom Trenches (Vlogtober)

Today, you get a sneak peak into my blessed chaos (title of a book I want to write in the future).

Our area of Cleveland was hit hard by Sandy and we lost power Monday night. I had committed to vlogging daily so I got out my flip cam and decided to interview the kids as we were having a “camp out” in the family room.

Here’s what they had to say about the power outage. Caution: this video contains high drama. The kids were eating dry goods and canned goods all day (i.e. peanut butter, bread, cookies, snacks) and I am putting the silliness of their “priorities” on sugar.

Takeaway: My takeaway during this power outage is that I as long as I have my family, I have what I need. I will never understand why these things happen but I will tell you I felt God’s hand on our family. I felt an amazing sense of peace which I know came from my prayers and not from my own strength. Spent time with the kids. Laughed. Giggled. Played cards. My husband and I worked together to keep the house running. It is never easy to walk through tough times. Looking for the blessings in the burdens does help.

Hope this video brings a smile to your face. Remember to Stay Strong. Press On.

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