I watched the premiere of HUGE and I’m hooked. And note that I am not one to watch TV. The premise of the storyline intrigued me and also the fact that @JessWeiner was so excited about it as I truly respect the work she does for young women. (great follow on twitter).

I had planned to watch the show with my oldest daughter and oldest stepdaughter and my babysitter and her friends but just like the “best laid plans of mice and men”, the viewing party did not come to fruition. So I watched it alone and was completely enthralled.

What struck me immediately was the gritty reality of the show. I have to admit, I winced a bit when Wil took off her clothes to reveal her swimsuit. At first, I thought wow what a gutsy character but then it hit me she is so hiding behind her weight and her humor.  What a great job the writers did in creating her character and other characters on the show.

In my humble opinion, ALL people struggle with insecurities and it begins in the tween years.  For this group of kids, many hide behind their weight. They also hide behind their tough exterior and their abrasive personalities.  But all kids and many adults hide behind something. We are all so terrified that we will be found out. That others will discover we’re not perfect and therefore not worthy of love.  So sad but so true.

True love is unconditional yet our society constantly bombards us with conditions that make us lovable; pretty + thin + smart + wealthy = love

As adults many of us know that is simply not true, but many tweens and teens don’t.

I know I’ve only seen one episode but I think this series can really make a difference and open up dialogue between kids and parents and kids to kids to discuss some serious matters.

What saddened me the most during the show was when Wil’s character would reference how her parents are embarrassed of her and other campers made comments how their parents’ approval is linked to their weight. The message was clear to these kids –  my parents don’t approve of me because they think I’m fat. Therefore, my parents don’t love me.  And lets face it if kids feel they aren’t worthy of their parents’ love then who will ever love them. I know this to be true as a stepmom. My stepdaughters have even said “if my own mom doesn’t love me, why would anyone else ever love me.”

I hope parents are watching HUGE.

What we say and how we say things to our kids is so important. I know personally some great people who have children that are overweight. They are at a loss to help them so they’ve started teasing which they think will prompt them to eat healthy. No. Stop. Kids need to feel loved unconditionally by their parents. When parents tease about weight, the child doesn’t hear “we want you to loose wait to be healthy” the kid hears “you are a total failure and I’m embarrassed of you.” I hope this show makes the scales fall of the eyes of many parents on how they talk to their kids about weight and other issues.

Parents; you may not think it is so but your kids listen to what you say and how you say it. You are a HUGE influence in their life.

I’ll be tuning in Monday, July 5th for the next episode. I hope you will too. If you missed the first show, you can watch it on ABCFamily http://abcfamily.go.com/

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