Offering all my great smom friends free ground shipping on all products ordered through noon EST on Saturday, March 27th. No special code necessary.

Click here to access free ground shipping 

Do you want to send the message to a dear stepmom that she is the heart of her blended family? Or maybe you want to remind and encourage yourself. Whatever the case, the products in CafeSmom’s eshop are practical, affordable and of good quality.

When my stepdaughters were shopping for a Mother’s Day gift one year, they couldn’t find anything for me that said stepmom. That’s what prompted me to design and offer these products. Planning on adding additional products in the near future based on your feedback.

The travel mugs are the most popular choice. I use mine everyday and love when people ask me about it. Gives me an opportunity to debunk the evil stepmom myth! I take that opportunity every time I am presented with it!!!!

Would love your thoughts on my current selection? Your likes, dislikes, what you’d like me to offer. I want to hear it all.

Have a great day!

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