Treat. This word is special to me. It describes something that I don’t get very often but when I do get it, I savor every moment. Given this description, I could accurately describe Monday night as a real TREAT. I had the pleasure of hosting eight local bloggers at a fabulous new restaurant, DC Pasta, to talk about the amazing new Treat Cards!  CafeSmom, stepmom, blended family, treat cards

We enjoyed a beyond delicious dinner, superb service and great conversation. It’s such a treat to meet in person, bloggers that you have connected with via social media. I had the pleasure of having dinner with Tesa of 2wired2tired, Cinzia of Creative Growth Strategies  , Karen of Karen At Home, Melissa of I Crashed the Web, Amie of My Retro Kitchen, Lisa of Lisa Brown Design, Kate of KaKaKaKaty and Adrianne of  The Right Words are Wrong.

We talked about Treat Cards and we are all super excited about these cards. Seriously, it’s a greeting card company that allows you to design your own greeting card for any occasion, and they mail it for you. If you have a Facebook account, you can sync your special dates into your Treat account. This means:

  • no more time spent at the card store laboring over “the perfect card.”
  • no more letting your card sit around because you keep forgetting to purchase a gift card to put in it. Treat Cards allows you to purchase a gift card to major retailers and include a digital code in the card.
  • no more searching for stamps or waiting in line at the post office.

I just used Treat Cards to send out my Mother’s Day cards and to send a birthday card to my Sister-in-law and a thank you note to a friend who recently did something very nice for me and my family! Normally, I would have that thank you card on my “To – do” list and it would take a week or two to get done, now it’s already in route to my friend’s mailbox.

Here are just some of the benefits to Treat Cards that us ladies were dishing at dinner:

  • we all love the idea of sitting down one night and setting up all our cards for the year and then enjoying the fact that Treat will remind us to customize the card and send it out and/or that we create all the cards and Treat sends them out per our selected delivery schedule.
  • everyone felt they would be better about sending out cards with this service. We discussed how we all have great intentions about sending out cards but “life” gets in the way.
  • we discussed how easy it would be to have the kids design cards.
  • we talked about sending out custom thank you cards. We talked about how we are all trying to instill gratitude in our children and helping them design and send out thank you cards would be wonderful. The idea of importing a photo of the gift they are thankful for into the card is amazing!
  • we talked about how many of the cards because of the customization would be adorable framed.
  • we ALL love the idea of doing custom Christmas cards and putting a personal touch on each card.
  • the ladies all loved the variety of cards and the ability to attach gift cards and/or donate to charity.
  • one of the women commented that she will use this to send out graduation cards/gift cards for this year. Everyone agreed that was a great idea!
  • we all loved the magazine cover cards and thought they would make great keepsake cards for our kids and for teachers, weddings, graduation, etc….
  • all of the women are excited to start sending Treat cards and sharing the love with others.

You’ve got to try Treat for yourself. The first card is free. One card and you’ll be hooked!

And one lucky winner from my giveaway is winning a VIP Membership to Treat Cards – this is one full year of free cards AND stamps ($350.00 value). The winner was chosen using and the winner is: Carol (I’ll be emailing you from the email you used to post on my blog with details to claim your prize)!

Congratulations Carol! Make sure to come back and let us know how much you love Treat Cards.

Connect with Treat in Social Media and keep up to date on their offerings and promotions:

Twitter: @TreatCards

FaceBook: TreatCards

Google+: Treat Cards

Pinterest: TreatCards

Share what you love most about receiving greeting cards? Share what holds you back from sending cards? Give Treat a try. One card and you’ll be hooked!


In full disclosure, please note that I have been compensated for my participation in writing this post. Also note that I only work with brands and/or companies that I believe in and use myself. I will never bring a campaign to my readers that I don’t back personally. You will get my personal seal of approval. Integrity matters to me. I have physically seen and held the cards sent out by Treat and the quality is superb!

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