Looking for an easy and yummy recipe for Mother’s Day? Looking for a sweat treat to share with those you appreciate on this special day? Try these Mini Cranberry-Orange Breads!

This recipe is from the great folks at Domino Sugar. Of course I had to test this recipe out before recommending it to all my gals so  I asked for some volunteers at home. I had a blast baking with three of my six kids. Not only did we have a wonderful bread to share afterwards but we created a precious memory that the four of us  will treasure forever!

Padon my tangent, but I wanted to share that one of the reasons I so love baking with my children is it reminds me of the special time I used to spend with my grandmother. She not only taught me the fine art of baking she used that time to teach me about life.  There is no better time to talk to your kids then when you are working together on an interactive “project” like baking. I miss my grammie:)

Thanks for allowing me to reminisce.

This bread has a delicious aroma while baking. Your whole house will smell great!  The recipe is also super easy to make. Older kids could definately bake this on their own with you supervising the oven.

Everyone in our family enjoyed tasting the final product. It is sweet but the cranberries give it a tartness to create a nice blend of flavors.

I decided that I’m going to request this bread on Mother’s Day.  It will go nicely with the bowl of Honey Grahams, piece of toast, banana and glass of milk my kids always bring to me in bed (One year the tray didn’t make it all the way up the stairs! That was okay, I had my feast where it landed!)

I’m also going to bake up a few extra loaves to wrap up nicely and give to some friends who are such a blessing to me and are great moms and/or stepmoms as well.

However you choose to celebrate Mother’s Day, know that while we as moms sometimes go unnoticed and unappreciated we are doing the most important job of all and we are creating a legacy that will live far beyond what our eyes can ever and will ever see.

I wish you all a happy day!

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