Day 25: Obama vs. Romney: What Message Do the Debates Send to Our Kids?

Today my vlog is a little different. I’m taking on the vlogmom prompt of the week which is “what does the political scene mean to you this year? It’s not about who we are voting for or where we stand on issues but what lessons have you learned from the political scene this year.”

Besides the obvious fact that my recycling bin has filled up faster than ever, one message comes shining through: the impact of role models in our kids’ lives.

What message are we getting when we see two of the most powerful men on earth go at it with interruptions and personal digs?

Takeaway: Think about what your actions are teaching your kids and stepkids? When your children see adults making choices that go against what you teach, don’t slam those adults but use it as a teachable moment to discuss what choices those adults could be making and how that could more positively impact the situation.

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of each side (and this can apply to co-parents) telling me what the other side isn’t doing right. If we all focused on our own stuff and spent time and energy building ourselves up instead of tearing another down this world would be a brighter place.

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