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In honor of National Stepfamily Day (September 16th), I wanted to share this Prayer For A Blended Family with you. My husband gave me this framed prayer on our fifth wedding anniversary. It hangs proudly in our kitchen and I smile every time I read it. It is my hope that this prayer will be a blessing to you. Being the stepmother in a blended family brings both joys and challenges. It is my sincere hope that you will celebrate the blessings of your family today!


Prayer for a Blended Family


Lord, in Your providence,

You have provided the family

as a place where people can

experience love, learn important

life lessons, and find unequaled


May Your design be reflected

in this new family.

I pray that You would unite and

bind this family together;

even in togetherness, may there

be space to be individuals.

Help each person to love, respect,

and encourage others

within the family.

May the care and hospitality

within the family be extended

to those outside; that others

might see Your presence.

Artist: Kathy Seek; Writer: Chelle, Letters from the Heart: Prayer For A Blended Family


National Stepfamily Day is celebrated annually on September 16th and was founded by Christy Borgeld in 1997.

Tomorrow, September 16th, is National Stepfamily Day!  Thanks to the tireless efforts of Christy Borgeld, we have a day that celebrates the stepfamily. This is the fourteenth year that this day has been celebrated.

You can visit her site at www.nationalstepfamilydayfoundation.org and when you do, make sure to watch the slideshow she produced in honor of National Stepfamily Day. The song “My Special Family Tree” is a beautiful expression of how the love of a stepfamily continues to grow. (Get the tissues out)

This Silly Photo Makes Me Smile

What will your family do to celebrate?

Here’s a few suggestions on how you and your family can celebrate:

  • plan a picnic (go to the park, have it in your own backyard or even indoors if the weather doesn’t cooperate)
  • put notes in your husband’s lunch and all the kids’ lunch boxes telling them one thing you appreciate about them
  • start a new family tradition on this day
  • have each family member share their best memory as a stepfamily
  • take a family photo(s); one traditional and one super silly
  • do something at night just with your spouse. Give each other a massage, play a board game, watch a movie, etc… Connect with one another
  • make a special dinner with a cake, balloons, party hats
  • do something your family loves doing together

Our family will have a special dinner on Thursday and then we’re having a picnic and hike over the weekend. For dessert,  I’ll be baking our special “blended family brownies” that I invented shortly after we were married. My kids’ favorite treat is chocolate chip cookies and my stepdaughters scream for brownies so I combined the two to satisfy both and it actually worked!

So thankful that states are recognizing the importance of supporting and celebrating the stepfamily. We are strong people who are committed to weather the storms of family life and care for all of our children. The children we gave birth to and/or adopted and the children we welcomed into our heart through marriage.

May you have a blessed National Stepfamily Day. Would love to hear what your family is doing to celebrate. Please share!

xoxo Heather

Here’s the link to the Blended Family Brownie Recipe I posted a while back. Enjoy! wordpress.cafesmom.com/?p=23

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