Day 2 of 31 Days in the StepMom Trenches (Vlogtober style)!

Woke up this morning to my sweet husband and thought “how grateful I am to have him,” and then I asked myself ”do I do a good job of telling him that?”

Honestly, some days I scream it to the mountains in words AND in actions and other times, I whisper it to myself if at all. Selfishly, I’ll admit that in the past when there was kid tension in the house and I didn’t agree with how he was handling things, I would pull back. Not a good idea. Even today, I have to recognize those feelings when they creep in and fight them. My marriage is more important than my desire to “be right.”

Today, we are talking about loving our husband out loud and making time for couple care! (Click the you tube video below to watch)

While that video had a slightly serious side to it, if  you want to LAUGH at MY expense and read how my “spicy” love coupons went awry, click on this post. Ironically, I was thinking of this post when I was taping the vlog and when I pulled it up, it was from Day 2 of my life in the stepmom trenches from last year. Meant to be.

Do you find it difficult to want to connect with your husband when there is tension regarding the kids? Are you looking for easy, inexpensive and fun ways to say “I love you to him”? Do you do something special for your husband that you want to share with us? Let’s talk.

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