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Announcing the Stepmom Retreat

Join us September 27 – 29, 2013 in Dallas for a weekend you will never forget!

One of my favorite types of emails to get from a stepmom reads something like this…. “I’m so grateful to know I’m not the only one feeling this way. Since connecting with other stepmoms I don’t feel alone anymore.”  You are not alone and now you have an opportunity to attend a national Stepmom Retreat and gain valuable tools and connect in person. There is power in community and the Stepmom Retreat offers help, healing and hope. You’ll also leave feeling refreshed and with friends who you can continue to walk the journey with.

We all spend money for insurance to protect our valuable assets like our home, car, jewelry. Our most valuable treasure is our family and a retreat like this in a priceless investment in you, your marriage and your family.

I am so excited to be a part of the Stepmom Retreat. Here are all the details:


Visit www.BlendedandBonded.com to register and take a peek at the agenda.  Here’s some helpful info on the retreat by Laura Petherbridge:

Who should attend this stepmom retreat?

This retreat is for any woman who is dating, engaged or married to a man with children of ANY age (even adult kids). PLUS it’s a great event for single parent moms because if they remarry they will form a stepfamily. Four of the five stepmom hosts have a ministry to stepmoms. The fifth is an amazing magazine filled with practical tips for stepmoms.

Why is there a need for a stepmom retreat? 

Stepmoms often feel confused, ashamed and fearful about the complex issues associated with a stepfamily. They often don’t tell their husband or even a best friend how they are feeling deep inside. The loneliness and feeling of being “outside the family circle” is real and significant.

Why are so many stepmoms shocked by the complex issues they are encountering? Didn’t they recognize these problems beforehand? 

One reason is that it’s human nature to ignore problems and believe that “love will conquer all.” Another is that the kids often don’t protest the marriage until afterwards. And a third reason is because couples inaccurately assume that if the couple is happy, the kids will be too. Basically “They didn’t know—what they didn’t know.”

What topics will be covered at the Stepmom Retreat?

We will tackle the common issues stepmoms face such as: overcoming the day-to-day frustrations of stepfamily living,  co-parenting between 2 homes, and the levels of step parenting authority. In addition, we will address unique issues such as : the childless stepmom, the full time stepmom, how to blend yours, mine and ours, what to do when the former spouse is difficult, and husbands who parent out of guilt.

How will a stepmom benefit from The Stepmom Retreat?

This event will allow a stepmom to mingle with other stepmoms and learn how her feeling are normal, and that she is not alone. It will also help her to hear honesty from experienced transparent stepmoms who have survived stepfamily living, and now thrive. We even have a panel of Dads joining us to share the male perspective. Our goal is to provide help, healing and hope!

Will you be joining us? Would love to hear your thoughts on the retreat? What would you love to see? Who would you love to meet? What would make the perfect stepmom retreat for you? Don’t be bashful ladies… please share! Hint, Hint… this makes a great Mother’s Day gift. Note that early bird registration ends June 1st.… tickets are selling and there are limited seats. Get yours today! Can’t wait to say hi in person and hug…. it’s going to feel like a family reunion (borrowing this term from a dear friend who referred to the retreat as such. She is so right!).

Stepmoms, how would you answer that question?

Is your partner’s Ex-wife a friend or a foe?

What type of relationship do you desire with the Ex?

Lots of questions, complaints, frustrations, and in some cases peace, surrond the topic of our spouse’s Ex.

Dealing with the Ex is a tough yet important topic. Like it or not, she is a part of the package deal when you said “I do!” When you committed to this relationship with a man with kids, you got your true love, his children and his Ex. She is the mother of our stepchildren and it’s vital that we learn to navigate that relationship regardless of how murky the waters seem.

The truth is that the Ex dictates the nature of our relationship with her but we have the power to control how we are impacted by her words and actions. As stepmoms, it’s so important to gain tools to work with the Ex for our sake and for the sake of our relationship and our stepkids.

Ron L. Deal and Laura Petherbridge, co-authors of The Smart StepMom, are addressing this topic in their upcoming Webinar: The Ex-Wife-In-Law: Friend or Foe!

Mark your calendar for this 90 minute Webinar. It is Tuesday, March 8th at 8pm EST.

I’m rewarding two lucky readers with a free ticket to attend this webinar.

Leave a comment or question regarding the Ex to win. I’ll choose two winners at 8pm, Sunday, March 6th. This gives those who don’t win a chance to sign up and attend. This is one Webinar you don’t want to miss.

So let’s hear it! What are your Ex stories, struggles, concerns, questions, comments????

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