Love, love, love how the internet has made if possible to meet and connect with so many wonderful people in the stepfamily community. I also love how our technologically advanced world has made it possible for great writers with a wealth of information to write and sell their books online.

It’s with great pleasures that I introduce you to one such author, Jim Cunningham, and his clever and wise book for stepfamilies titled Mine Are From Heaven, Yours Are From Hell.

If you are in a stepfamily, the title itself makes you want to read because your thinking “this guy gets it. My kids are great but my spouse’s kids are well……”

And Cunningham does get it and he offers 7 key ingredients for successfully blending your stepfamily.

What I like most about his ebook is his honesty, his creativity, and the action steps he lays out for you to work on the ingredients he lists to “cook” a successful stepfamily. In his introduction, Cunningham writes “there is hardly an experience that comes with more fantasies (thank you Brady Bunch) and at the same time more frustrations than this battleground of blended families.” And Jim is right about that.

The action steps will challenge you to personally examine the topics in this book as it pertains to you and your stepfamily. These action items make this book a great study for pre-remarrieds and a great read for couples who are already in a stepfamily. This book would also make for a great book discussion for two to three stepfamily couples.

If you have a hard time discussing your concerns about your stepkids with your spouse, this book is a great resource to read together. The topics regarding the role of the children will open a door to discuss these matters. The book will force the topic not you. You’ll also learn about the Big Three – these are three components you must instill in your children. Cunningham writes “these three are not optional, but crucial to family harmony.”

I’m a firm believer in reading everything you can regarding stepfamily life and digesting the information through the lense of your particular situation. Personally, I read everything with an open mind and try and learn as much as I can and then apply the wisdom gained to me personally and to my role as stepmom in my family.

I learned from Jim. I had many “ah ha” moments while reading. At $9.95 for his book, I believe it is money well spent. How much do we spend on house insurance, car insurance, etc.. to protect the material things in our life that matter to us?  I consider money spent on books, tools and stepfamily coaching as blended family insurance. And nurturing your marriage, keeping your family running and running well is priceless.

Cunningham’s ebook is 28 pages in length and can be purchased via paypal through his website

Jim is so sure you’ll love his book, that he offers you a free chapter download. Visit his site today and check out the book for yourself.

Please come back and post your comments here to share with others. Thanks for your feedback:)

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