Day 13: 31 Days of Life in the StepMom Trenches (Vlogtober)

Time is precious. As women, we value time alone with our spouse. Just as we love that time so do our stepkids. No matter how much time we spend together as a family, our stepkids want and need time with just dad.

As both a mom and stepmom, I value time together with our whole family but I also value time with just my four kids as I do when it’s just my husband and my two stepdaughters. Conversely, my kids have expressed how much they love it when it’s just the five of us and I know my stepdaughters love time with just their dad.

In today’s vlog, I am talking about the blessing you bring when you encourage your spouse to spend alone time with his kids and the message that sends to your stepchildren about how you support their relationship with dad.

Takeaway: Take some time to think of a “date night” for your husband and his kids. Then think of a way you can spend your time where you can relax and celebrate the gift you gave to your family. Often, when our stepkids demand dad’s time….. feelings of jealousy or being on the outside can set in. Yet when that time is our idea, the mindset around it is very different.

Do you encourage your husband to spend time with just his kids? What do they do with that time? What value does it bring to your family? Thanks for sharing.

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