I always love when I get to meet in person someone I have connected with via social media. This September, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Deborah Gilboa (@AskDrG to me on Twitter) at BloggyCon in Cincinnati. Dr. G is as wonderful in person as she is online. I was thrilled when I learned about her new book and you will be too! 

Dr. G provides us parents with an amazing tool in her mini book: Teach Resilience: Raising Kids Who Can Launch!
While this book is not written specifically for stepmoms, it is written for all parents who want to raise resilient kids. I love a lot of things about this book. Here are my top five:
  1. It’s a mini book. Seriously. It is 5 inches by 3 1/2 inches and 62 pages.
  2. You navigate by category: Errands, Self-Care, Crisis Management, Occasional Events, Around the House. 
  3. Tips are also segmented by age; 2 to 4, 5 to 7, 8 to 10, 11 to 14, 15 to 17, All Ages. 
  4. This book offers 50 opportunities to build our children’s resilience and self-esteem. 
  5. Easy to read. Straight forward. Ideas you can use every day to continue to build resilience. 

You may ask “why teach resilience?” Dr. G answers with this “Resilience means the ability to recover from adversity.” Dr. G knows we help our kids and stepkids most by giving them the tools they need to handle tough situations.

As stepmoms, we know our stepkids have walked through tough times and may still be living with adversity. We know as stepmoms that we deal with adversity. Giving our stepkids tools to navigate life is giving them a priceless gift. How often does our heart break for our stepkids as they go back and forth between two homes with two different sets of rules and “climates”? This book will bless everyone!

I carry my book in my purse and flip through it when I’m waiting in line, stuck in traffic, etc… With it’s size, it makes a great gift idea and stocking stuffer.

The book is so practical. I don’t want to give all of Dr. G’s great tips away but I will share one with you that is for all ages. I have actually done this since my oldest was two and it has made a difference with all of my kids. My stepkids were slightly resistant at first but they like to play along now.

PLAY HIGH-LOW-HIGH (For all ages)

Want more than one word answers about your child’s day? Teach resilience by finding the highs and lows of their – and your – experiences. At dinner (or in the car, etc.) ask each person for a high, a low, and a high from the day.

Kids will learn:

  • to express emotions. 
  • to evaluate their experiences. 
  • to find more good than bad. 
  • to listen. 
  • that adults have highs and lows also, and how we handle them!
Doctor G (Deborah Gilboa, MD) is a board certified Family Physician, mom of four kids and founder of AskDoctorG.com, a resource for parents and educators who are working to raise great kids. She gives parenting workshops around the country and offers great free tools for raising kids who are respectful, responsible and resilient!

If you are interested in purchasing the book, please click here: http://askdoctorg.com/buy-doctorg-book/
My twitter: http://twitter.com/AskDocG
Facebook: http://facebook.com/AskDoctorG
YouTube: http://youtube.com/AskDocG 
What are your thoughts on teaching your stepkids resilience? Care to share any tips that work for you?
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