Last week, I tweeted that I was unplugging for a few days to spend time with my husband. What I didn’t mention is that he was taking me to Switzerland for a long weekend alone. The plan was for us to fly to Zurich and then I would fly home on Sunday, April 18th and he would take the train to Paris for work.

My first trip to Europe with my amazing husband and there is a volcano in Iceland!

It was scary being stranded there and not knowing when air travel would resume. The airport was taking it day by day in terms of whether they knew if air space would be open and closed. It was the not knowing that was so unsettling.

I sent out a request for prayers from friends near and far and also sent an email to our local radio station 95.5 The Fish.  They actually read my email on air and asked for prayers from listeners.

We were put on a flight the next day and the following is the email I sent them.  I will blog about our travels in the next few days and the many lessons I learned but for now I am hugging my kids tight and enjoying being on American soil.

Here goes my note:

Praise God, we are home from Switzerland! I am writing to thank you and your listeners with tears in my eyes. I literally felt the Lord’s peace the whole time we were trying to get out. Even though my heart ached to see my children I knew God would see us home. We are so blessed to have had so many people praying for our safe and timely return.

The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful and devoted husband. We were going to the airport everyday and yesterday we went again. Swiss airspace had opened for a short window yesterday am. We went to the airport hoping to get on but unfortunately the United plane was not there to take us home. One of the agents we had met was a mom and she so felt for me. United was putting all the people in line on standby to take an Air Canada flight home. But when I looked at my ticket she had actually given me a seat number – i was going home. My husband had pleaded with her that he wanted me home at the least and would sacrifice himself and stay if he could just get me home. I am humbled and in awe of his love for me.

I stood in line waiting, humbled by my husband’s love and God’s strength. I prayed in a mighty way that the Lord would take us home together. Then they announced my husband’s name over the speaker. He went to the desk and was given a seat number – we were going home together. We had the last seats on the plane. While on the flight the crew announced that they had reclosed some European airspace. We had gotten out in a small window. I know it was by God’s grace and mercy that we are home and by the love and prayers of our Grace Church in MH and our “fish family” in Cleveland.

Words can never express how I felt when I walked on American soil and what it felt like to kiss my children. I am truly humbled that you all prayed for us and cannot thank you enough.

Sending you all our love and thanks. You have helped bring a family back together. I will continue to pray for all the people who are yet to go home. God’s blessing to you all. He is our rock on which we stand!

In His Grip Forever, Heather and Andy

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