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Here’s the story…..

of America’s most beloved stepfamily. I bet many of us could sing the rest of those lyrics to the Brady Bunch without even thinking. Most of us grew up watching the Brady Bunch and/or reruns of the Brady Bunch. I can remember getting home from school everyday, having my snack and watching the show before I started homework.   

I loved it! I remember when they went to the Grand Canyon, when Peter dressed like a girl and when Marcia entered her (step)dad in the father’s day contest. What I don’t remember is ever hearing the word stepmom, stepdad, stepfamily and most important ex-spouse in any episode.

In fact, if you read the back of the DVDs from the series, there is no mention of stepfamily. The Brady’s are referred to as “America’s grooviest TV sitcom family.” I know this because a friend gave our family the entire series on DVD as a wedding gift and we watched every episode as a family throughout the first two years of marriage. The kids loved it and would ask “can we have a Brady night?” I think it was good for them to see the siblings all get along and treat each parent with respect.

While I will always love the show I realize that the Brady Bunch is not a true representation of stepfamily life but neither is the persona that Disney has put out there about (evil) stepmoms.

In an age where reality TV is the preferred list of shows that viewers are turning in for, I am happy to see that one network has a stepfamily show in the works. The one thing they are still searching for is A REAL AMERICAN STEPFAMILY! They are looking for YOU!

Nothing is more real than the drama that stepfamilies face. Often, when I am sharing a story of my life with my non-stepfamily friends, I wonder if they think I am exaggerating the truth because as the words come out of my mouth, I often can’t believe what has transpired. The cast of characters is lengthy when you throw in your spouse, your kids, his kids, your ex(s), his ex(s), your parents, your spouse’s parents, and the out-laws (former in-laws).

Taken at our Wedding Dinner. Photographer asked us to line up on the stairs. He captured our "Brady Bunch."

A reality show on stepfamily life would get America talking about the realities of stepfamily life. One of the things I hear most often from stepmoms is this “its’ good to know I’m not alone!”

So often, we are afraid to share our struggles and fears as stepmothers because we don’t want to “fit” into that evil stepmom persona but the reality is that our job is tough. A reality show on stepfamily life would depict the true heart that stepparents have for their spouse and their kids and stepkids yet also showcase the many struggles that must be navigated in a blended family.

When CBSeyeCASTING contacted me I was happy to learn of their production and to share the information in hopes of finding the right stepfamily. Here is their casting call:


Is your family a modern-day BRADY BUNCH? A “blended family” full of step-siblings from a previous marriage?

Would you be excited to share with the nation the various challenges of merging households – of merging families – as parents have to do when they remarry and bring 2 families together under one roof?

 Is there something unique about your living situation that sets your family apart?

If yes, then the producers of “Food Network Star” and “DESIGN STAR” want to hear from you!

Please email: CBSeyeCASTING@gmail.com for an application form. Casting is NATIONWIDE.

The ideal “modern family” should have at least 3+ children, be comfortable on camera and be active in their community.

CBS EYE Productions creates diverse non-fiction programming for domestic and international markets. Our clients include CBS, Discovery, Food Network, The History Channel, TLC, A&E, MTV, Vh1, Animal Planet and HGTV to name a few.

Over the past decade, the Emmy award-winning unit has produced more than 1,000 hours of original reality programming and documentaries in genres ranging from entertainment to lifestyle to science to history.


Chances are you’ve all seen reality shows and the thought of cameras in your home may cause you distress.  I’m sure anyone who does a reality show has lots of questions beforehand.

 My big question is Do I get my own Alice? 

What questions do you have? What would hold you back from being the featured stepfamily in this reality series? What would make you want to sign up? Please share any and all constructive thoughts on a reality series for stepfamilies? Would you tune in? Keep checking back to see what others are sharing.

Visit Peggy Nolan’s website http://thestepmomstoolbox.com/. She’s got great information for us stepmoms and while you are there, read my story on her site. You’ll see a photo from our wedding. While we all know the Brady Bunch is a myth, the photograph captures the classic staircase photo we all remember from the show.

Thank you to Peggy for the post and for the wonderful introduction into our amazing stepmom community.

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