Day 28: 31 Days of Life in the StepMom Trenches (Vlogtober)

When we bring two families together we are bringing together two family histories. As stepmoms, it can be frustrating when we are helping to raise a child with whom we had no hand in laying the foundation during those first few years.

Today, I am speaking candidly about the challenges of merging those two histories as I recently had a reminder when I went to purchase each of the kids’ favorite childhood books. My stepchildren’s mom and I put a different emphasis on reading when kids were younger. Doesn’t make one of us better than the other… just different.

Takeaway: Do you struggle with the fact that you and the mom of your stepkids do things differently? Do you find it hard when you have the best of intentions but it isn’t met with acceptance because you aren’t doing things like mom? You are not alone. Understand that it IS a challenge to blend two family histories.

What is your take on this topic?

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