As we were preparing for our first Christmas together, it became apparent that my husband and I had some different family traditions for the holiday season.  I had established some traditions that I had done since my oldest was born and I wanted to hold steadfast to continuing those and other traditions came from things my parents had done with me and my brothers.  My husband and my stepkids didn’t have many traditions and I could tell the girls didn’t like some of mine being “put on them” and my kids didn’t like sharing things that once belonged to just them with their new siblings. 


While my husband was extremely gracious in supporting me, we decided together that we needed to create some new blended family traditions. So we did that.  And it was very successful.  I want to share with you a list of our family traditions at the holidays – some are old and some are new – and I hope they may spark a new tradition in your home.


The kids get Christmas pjs on Christmas eve (it’s the only gift they get to open), I give each child a special ornament that represents something special about them from the current year, we make a special pancake breakfast with santa and reindeer cookie cutters, each child gets to pick a special cookie recipe and then bake it with their bio parent, we all gather in front of the tree on Christmas eve for a reading of the Night Before Christmas and then the kids go outside and leave “reindeer” food on the lawn, Santa Claus cuts out a small strip of wrapping paper that he wraps each child’s presents in and then tapes it to one piece of paper with their name so the kids can find their presents in the morning, we put all the kids’ names in a basket and have them draw one name and make a gift for their sibling, we make reindeer kiss cookies (a huge batch) and eat them and drink hot cocoa while we watch “The Polar Express.”

Please share with us any holiday traditions that you have created in your home. We look forward to hearing from you.

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