Yes! Stepmoms are a gift to their stepchildren.

With Mother’s Day approaching, I am reminded that while stepmoms lovingly parent their stepchildren, they often aren’t acknowledged for their efforts. And I’m not saying that Mother’s Day should be all about stepmoms. Moms certainly deserve a day to be celebrated! I will never refute that. What I am saying is that stepmoms work hard at their role and yet receive little positive acknowledgement from society at large and that can make Mother’s Day hard on stepmothers.

Being a stepmom is hard work. It requires super human strength and thick skin many, many days.

Given the thankless days we do have, I believe it is super important to celebrate the gift that we are.

Yes, stepmoms are a gift to their stepchildren. I will keep saying this because it is so true and so important that we remind ourselves that we are contributing in a positive way to our stepchildren. Filling our hearts and our heads with the positive stuff will help us in amazing ways on our stepmom journey.

My inspiration to celebrate the Gift of StepMom stems from two recent events. In early April, I attended a Smart StepMom event lead by Laura Petherbridge, co-author of The Smart Stepmom. Afterwards,  I had the honor of having lunch with her and Brenda Ockun, the Publisher of Stepmom Magazine. During our meal, we talked about how important it is for stepmoms to see the good they are doing and the positive impact they are having on their family.

The next day, I was at Barnes & Noble to pick up a book. It was there I noticed the Mother’s Day displays. There were countless books for mothers. Books celebrating the impact that mothers have, devotions for mothers, memoirs from mothers. These books are important. As a mom, I love these books. But as a stepmom, I couldn’t help but ask  “what about celebrating the gift of stepmom?” “Where is the display celebrating stepmothers and the sacrifices we make?”

It was after that lunch and a stop at the bookstore that I had the idea of creating and sharing The Gift of StepMom. I want my fellow stepmothers to know the gift that they are to their family. Mother’s Day can be a difficult time for stepmoms and I want us to focus on the good that we are and the good that we are doing.

In the following three weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, I’ll be sharing stories from stepmothers about the gift they are to their families. I’ll also be sharing stories from adult stepchildren who consider their stepmother a gift. I’ve also heard from one mother regarding the gift that her children’s stepmother has become.

The greatest gift is a portion of thyself. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you would like to share your story with others in the stepmom community, please email me at

Feel free to share below ways in which you have been a gift to your stepfamily. Let’s focus on the positive. Remember, you are a gift to those around you. Let’s unwrap the goodness that we bring to our family. It is my heart that this project will be a gift to you.

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