Okay smoms, you all know how many things we have to balance bringing two families together. One of those is cooking styles. While I fancy myself a good cook and one who definitely loves to make a healthy and hearty meal each night for her new family, I wasn’t ready for the rejection I received early on from my stepdaughters.  While their BM didn’t cook, their dad made things completely different than I did and when I would put dinner on the table they would just stare and say “what’s that?”  Even things as simple as grilled cheese sandwiches and pizza were rejected as I didn’t use the right “cheese.”


I have learned to adapt my cooking style and not take things to personally. I’ve also begun to merge our family recipes to make what I call blended family versions of favorite dinners.


One of my favorites is our blended family brownies.  My bio kids love chocolate chip cookies and request them any time I ask for dessert requests. My stepkids think that brownies are the jam so I decided to blend the two and now all six kids ask for cookie brownies!


Here’s the recipe:


Make your own chocolate chip cookie dough or purchase one package of TollHouse Chocolate Chip Cookies (breakaway squares in refrigerator section)


Make brownies using your own recipe or prepare a box of brownie mix.


Pour brownies into the pan. Either scoop a ball of ccc dough and drop by rounded teaspoon evenly onto the brownie batter.


Bake as directed on brownie recipe (usually 325degrees for 45 minutes).


It really doesn’t get any easier and it is super yummy.



*** I believe the people at Better Crocker have a few smoms on their staff because when I went shopping the other day for brownie mix I found that they make a Cookie Brownie Bar mix which is pretty much identical to what I’ve concocted.  So for a really easy make, pick up a box of their mix and serve your family some blended family brownies tonight!


Please let me know how you liked the recipe.

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