The holidays are a wonderful time of the year. Time for family & friends and counting our blessings. But what happens in a stepfamily when the holidays aren’t so cheery? While this time of year can bring much joy and peace, it can also bring much heartache and frustration for stepfamilies as they seek to successfully navigate the holiday season and unwrap the greatest gift of all – PEACE! 

Gayla Grace, of StepparentingWithGrace, and I have listened to the hurts and struggles of stepparents during this time of year and have put together a 36 page guide to help stepparents THRIVE (not just survive) during the Holiday Season.

In our new book: Thriving at the Holidays: A Stepparent’s Guide to Success, Unwrapping the Gift of Peace, Gayla & I provide tools, tips, encouragement, inspiration and personal stories to help stepparents thrive during this time of year.

We know you may be struggling during the holidays and we know that you also don’t have a ton of time or extra money to combat the stress. Keeping your needs in mind, our book is 8 chapters and is priced at $2.99. In addition to the practical tips, inspiration, encouragement and personal stories, we’ve included a long list of stepfamily traditions you can start and recipes from our kitchens to yours.

To give you a sneak peak, here are the chapter titles:

  • Manage Your Expectations
  • Live by Faith to Overcome Fear
  • Define Your Date to Celebrate
  • Remain Hopeful During Stressful Periods
  • Give the Gift of Grace and Flexibility
  • Value the Treasure of Family Traditions
  • Maintain Balance with Self-Care and Couple-Care
  • Boundaries as Blessings
  • Family Tradition Appendix
  • Holiday Recipe Appendix

We are extremely honored to have Ron L. Deal’s seal of approval:

“Heather and Gayla want to help your family unwrap the gift of familial peace. From stepparents living in the trenches, the booklet is packed full of practical advice, encouragement and perspective for your holiday challenges. You already unwrapped one gift by opening this booklet, now start unwrapping holiday peace. Read on.” Ron L. Deal, President (taken from the Foreward written by Ron)

It is our sincere hope that this book will help you thrive at the holidays and beyond. If you’ve found help through my blog and/or tweets you will love this book. I would be extremely honored if you would share this link with friends and family via your social media connections. My heart is to help stepparents everywhere with this great resource.

The book is available on Amazon, B&N, iTunes, Sony and also as a PDF on the book’s website

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It is my sincere hope that you and your family have a peaceful Christmas season and that love, laughter and harmony fill your heart and your home.
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