Day 18: 30 Days in the StepMom Trenches

She chooses to embrace a family and love them. 

Today and everyday she is committed to her family and doing what is best for them.

Even when others are unkind, she holds her head high, standing strong in the truth.

Patience becomes her middle name.

Many try to diminish her impact on her family but she knows what she means to them.

Only in time will she truly reap the gratitude of her stepkids but still she presses on.

Marriage makes her a stepmother but it’s her heart that makes her a mom.


Long day today in the stepmom department. Thought I’d write a sentence for each letter of this label we are given when we marry a man with kids. Sure, this may not hit the mark exactly but hope it conveys the heart and love of a stepmom.

Lessons from the StepMom Trenches: Somedays are long and somedays are longer but through it all we should never forget that we choose everyday to be the best for our family. Some days we feel very successful and other days we may not. Regardless of what each day holds, never forget the love and beauty that you bring to your family.

Challenge: take a minute to write what STEPMOM means to you. Remember that there is no right or wrong way to be as stepmom. Love doesn’t live by rules and when we choose to love our family and do what is right for them, we can’t help but do a great job!

 Would love for you to share what stepmom means to you.

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