What? Do my ears deceive me? It can’t be or maybe it can!!!  Did I just hear I love you?  After months of “you hate me”……

My stepdaughter actually came up to me and said “I love you.”

Still in shock, I can’t speak while my little one was quick to say “my mom doesn’t like you. She can’t like you because you are so mean to her.” I was about to butt in because I didn’t want my little one saying such things. Plus I didn’t want this moment to have any negatives attached. But then my SD replied “well, we do have some arguments but we always make up and I love her.”

Deep breath. Wipe away a slow tear falling. Close my eyes and etch her words and this moment into my brain and into my heart!

“WELL SAID,” I replied to my SD. And off she and my little one went to go play Barbies.  Perhaps she is seeing my love for her more clearly now that I’m not engaging. Perhaps, she is just having a great day. Perhaps, she is buttering me up. Her birthday is a few days away and she knows I’m the cake maker, present buyer, party doer.

Whatever the reason, I’m not spending time thinking why. I’m living in the moment of “I love you” and in the moment of peace. And that’s where I’m staying today. No questions asked!

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