We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from many of you who have started to replace the word stepmom with “smom”.  Both parents and kids are loving the heartfelt feel of ”smom”.  I even heard from one woman who told me how her husband enjoys affectionately introducing her as his kids’ smom!

“smom” is catching on and we’d like to hear from you.  Tell us anything related to the use of smom.  What makes you a great smom?  What are your biggest challenges as a smom?  Has using the word smom made a difference for you and/or your family?  We just want to hear from you.

To contribute your story, send it in an e-mail to heather@cafesmom.com for a chance to win two customized handmade smom Swarovski birthstone bracelets ($90.00 value)! Each story must be 750 words or less.

The winner will have two bracelets customized, one each for you and also the friend who referred you to our site!  The winning entry will also be posted on our blog.

A new winner of two bracelets will be drawn every two weeks!!

Contest will go until the end of January -  the next winner will be drawn on Monday, Jan 4 - hurry! 


smom Swarovski birthstone bracelet

smom Swarovski birthstone bracelet

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