Today, I  embark on a 30 day journey referred to as National Blog Posting Month or NaBloPoMo (I can never pronounce it). I’ll be blogging once a day for the next 30 days. I have to credit Alissa from HaveStroller for my participation. Her friendship is the best thing to have come out of BlogHer10. It was my first blogging conference and I didn’t know a soul but met Alissa the first night and we’ve stayed in touch. She is a person of true character and integrity who has passion for helping others and one cute little dude at home. Alissa is not a stepmom but she grew up in a stepfamily and has been a source of inspiration for me.

Having said that, I love a good challenge and typically can’t turn one down so when Alissa threw this at me, I said yes without much research. I asked her if there is a particular theme or a topic we are supposed to write on each day. While the answer is no, Alissa is using her challenge as 30 days of Paying It Forward. Did I mention how much I respect her?  

So I thought I’m going to use mine as 30 days of sharing Stepfamily Shorts: stories and blessings from the land of stepmomhood. I’ll share personal stories of my life in the stepmom trenches.

I know that as a stepmom we draw strength in knowing we are not alone on our journey. For the next 30 days, I’ll be sharing personal stories about what is going on in my life. Some may make you laugh, others may make you cry and some may leave you with much to ponder. One will probably leave you itchy as I describe how Lice made us a close “nit” family. Yes, you read it right and there is no turning back now.

My true hope is that each story will help you feel connected. Connected to this crazy journey we are on together.

It can become so easy to dwell on some of the trials we face in our role yet I believe we all have good in our lives and focusing on those little blessings may help us realize that they aren’t so little after all. Finding the good in the not so good is important for keeping hope alive especially during any dark times we may go through.

Often our greatest treasures are those small, sweet tender moments in our lives. We can be in such a rush to reach the end goal line of a big, happy stepfamily that we miss the small victories that really create and contribute to our thriving blended family.

My hope is to slow life down the next 30 days. Focus on the blessings in each day and share those with you in hopes that you too can focus on the small things that bring you great joy. I would love for you to share along with me.

Hope you’ll join me by reading along and sharing your blessings too. Don’t forget to check out my friend Alissa’s blog and Jen from Hey’Yall who is also participating in NaBlogPoMo.


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